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I have prepared the samples but haven't got the chance to image on Krios yet. I actually had quite a lot of experience working with these grids before when I was in China. It did work much better than carbon film grids for a few of my previous samples. Therefore I want to give it a try for my current sample.

I remember the price for such a regular grid was bout 60RMB about 1 year ago. But a previous colleague in China just told me that the price has risen to 84RMB recently. The price you offered is bit more expensive than that, but not a lot.

If you can keep certain amount of products in stock, it would be more convenient for us to order. I know R1.2/1/3 type is more popular for single particle people, but there would be more people working on tomography in which case the R2/2 type would be preferred. Our lab, as well as others in our department, may also need more in the future. Hope it will be easier to order. Personally, I am expecting to receive the product in 2-3 weeks.

University of Pensylvenia 

We coat the grids with graphene oxides and functionalize them to provide affinity to proteins. About 6 months ago we found that with newly received grids, our functionalized grids were not wettable any more. After extensive testing we suspected it was related to the surface roughness of the carbon foil. We were hoping the NiTi grids will give larger roughness. Ice improved but still not as good as we expected. Also the contrast of NiTi foil is much higher than carbon, making examination of graphene oxide coverage under TEM quite difficult.

Dr. Raozi He - University of San Francisco


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