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WhisperPro Workstation

Your Ultimate Companion for Quiet yet High-Performance Computing in the Office

Imagine a workstation seamlessly integrated into your everyday office environment, quietly supporting you as you tackle your most demanding tasks while enhancing your focus. WhisperPro Workstation meets your needs.


  • Effortless Maintenance-Free Liquid Cooling for GPUs

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation during Idle Moments, Noise Level ~32.8dB

  • Active Low-Noise Fan Cooling for CPUs and GPUs

  • Maintains Quiet Operation even under Full Load, Noise Level ~43.4dB

High Performance

  • Cost-Effective Computational Hardware

  • Enhanced GPU Performance with Efficient Cooling

  • Optimized for CryoEM, CryoET, and MD Applications


Quiet WhisperPro 

When temperatures are low and liquid cooling is sufficient, the GPU fans shut off, minimizing the overall fan noise. The low-noise GPU fans automatically start during intense computational tasks to provide active cooling. With the presence of liquid cooling, the overall fan noise is significantly reduced.

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  • Configured with 1-2 RTX 4090 Cards

  • Memory Options Range from 256GB to 1TB

  • CPU Options Include 16, 20, 28, or 32-Core Processors

  • Storage Options Include 2-8x HDD, up to 24TB SATA

  • NVMe Cache Ranges from 4-8TB

Other Advantages:

  • Minimal Environmental Needs, No Extra Cooling Required

  • Supports Dual-Boot OS (Linux/Windows)

  • SPCare Software Service

Experience the Power of Productivity without the Disturbance. Upgrade to WhisperPro Workstation Today and Redefine Your Workspace in Peace and Quiet.

For those with even greater needs, inquire about our customizable options featuring additional GPUs and higher-end CPUs. Let us tailor the WhisperPro to meet your exact requirements.

*Tested at an environmental noise level of ~31.1 dB. Please note that the actual noise readings of each machine may vary.


Need Assistance? We're here to help.

Unsure what to get? Have technical questions?
Contact SP and we'll help you design a custom system which will meet your research needs.

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