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Single Particle Unique Features


Based on the cryo-EM use case, we optimize the build with enterprise quality parts, such as error-correcting code (ECC) memory and high-endurance Solid State Drives (SSDs). 


We work closely with the RELION developers to ensure compatibility of our hardware and benchmark every system to spec before shipping.


Pre-installed with cryo-EM data processing tools, such as RELION, as well as public tutorial datasets. This way you can quickly put it to work on your SHINY STRUCTURE!


Every system passes strict factory burn-in and comes with 3 year hardware warranty bundled with free software updates and friendly support from our team of cryoEM experts


Manufacturing facilities in USA, Germany and China to meet quality standards


A single GPU workstation or GPU cluster node can replace multiple traditional CPU cluster nodes, saving space and energy!

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) is an important research tool for structural biology and was chosen by Nature Methods as 

To solve 3D structures of proteins and macromolecules, a suite of sophisticated cryo-EM image-processing software tools need to be used, such as            from MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. Many of the intrinsic image processing steps could be dramatically sped up by GPU parallelization. 


Our GPU Revolution

With the public release of the NVIDIA RTX 3090GPU, we have thoroughly tested the cards in our products and found significant performance improvement compared to the previous generation RTX 2080Ti. We have not only fully adopted 3090, but also optimized the machine configurations and software setup to cater to RELION and other cryo-EM software applications.

3D Classification

  Speedup: 40%


2D Classification

  Speedup: 70%


Need Assistance? We're here to help.

Unsure what to get? Have technical questions?
Contact SP and we'll help you design a custom system which will meet your research needs.

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