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Introducing PsiStack

A Revolutionary Free Software Platform Empowering Your Computational Chemistry Research

PsiStack revolutionizes computational chemistry software management by integrating a wide range of powerful software on a single, user-friendly platform. The complex and time-consuming installation and deployment processes are now a breeze.

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Elevate your research to new heights

PsiStack currently supports popular tools such as Amber, Gromacs, OpenMM, PsiCode, XTB, Plumed, and PySCF, running across multiple operating systems, including CentoS, Rocky, and Ubuntu, with continuous updates adding even more capabilities.

Advantages of PsiStack

All-in-One Software Platform

Seamless One-minute Deployment

Always Up-to-Date Solutions

Secure and Reliable Data Handling

EGcient On-Demand Access

Dynamic Multi-Version Support

PsiStack benefits

What powers PsiStack?

  • Integrates a diverse range of open-source software, from quantum mechanics to molecular dynamics, all within a single platform.

  • Effortlessly deploys software in just one minute, breaking down IT barriers.

  • Regularly incorporates new software and updates existing ones to the latest versions, reducing operational and maintenance costs.

  • Uses only outgoing HTTP connections to bypass firewall restrictions, ensuring the safety of your local data storage.

  • Optimizes local resource usage through lazy loading, ensuring data transfer only as needed and meeting users' precise software demands.

  • Supports multiple versions of the same software, catering to various customer requirements for both new and old versions.

Interested to learn how PsiStack software seamlessly integrates with WhisperPro Workstation?


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